Welcome to the Matt Bingham District Attorney Campaign

Welcome to the official campaign website for Matt Bingham for District Attorney. I am running for re-election for District Attorney of Smith County, so that I may continue to uphold the law, protect the community, and stand up for victims.

I am a career prosecutor, not a politician. I do not like negative campaigns. I am committed to running a clean campaign based on my experience and qualifications. Not only do the voters of Smith County deserve this, the integrity of the process demands it.

It is such an honor to serve as your elected Criminal District Attorney, and I am asking for your support in my re-election.

Experience is important. It has been my privilege to serve the people of Smith County as your District Attorney since 2004, and as a prosecutor since 1995. I have handled tens of thousands of criminal cases, and have tried before a jury more than 150 felony cases, including twenty-seven murder and capital murder cases. These cases resulted in criminal defendants receiving numerous life sentences and six death penalty verdicts. My staff and I have worked tirelessly to hold violent offenders, sexual predators, and drug dealers accountable for the crimes that they commit, resulting in well-deserved justice for the victims and the community.

It is also important that the District Attorney be a good steward of the taxpayers' money. Toward this goal, I have worked with the Commissioners' Court during the budget process to save where I could: whether by not filling vacant positions, by reducing operating expenses, or by using seized and forfeited funds for maintenance and repairs. The District Attorney's Office has been commended by Judge Baker and the Commissioners' Court for our vigilance with the budget decisions and savings. Additionally, I have forfeited millions of dollars from drug dealers and criminals, which have been used to purchase much-needed training, vehicles, and equipment for law enforcement, all at no cost to the taxpayers.

I have enjoyed, and worked to foster, an outstanding relationship with Smith County law enforcement. I am honored to have the support and endorsement of Gary Swindle, Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith, Troup Police Chief Pat Hendrix, Craig Shelton, Constable John Smith,

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Constable Ken Bibby, and many other hard-working men and women in Smith County law enforcement.

Additionally, I am humbled by the continued support I have received from so many citizens of Smith County. Many of these supporters are listed on this website, under Endorsements.

I need your help to continue serving as your elected District Attorney and would sincerely appreciate your vote and any help that you might offer: your time or financial contribution, your endorsement, and most importantly your vote.

Thank you for visiting my website. I humbly ask for, and would truly appreciate, your support and your vote.


Matt Bingham